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This year, Timbers’ MISGA group will be using a new on-line signup system. If you do not have access to the internet, please make arrangements with another Timbers’ MISGA member to sign you up for events. The Timbers signup system is the same one that was developed and used by various Division II MISGA groups. Tom Rowlett who developed the Musket Ridge system has and continues to provide a great deal of technical support and his time so Timbers’ MISGA members and other clubs in MISGA can sign up for MISGA events on-line.

To sign up for events go to our web site at:  timbers.misga-signup.org. Click on the schedule tab at the top of the home page. It may take several seconds for this year’s schedule to show. Information concerning each event is shown.

If [signup] appears (left hand column) for an event you wish to sign up for -- click on [signup] ---This will take you to the Mixer Information & Signup page for that event. NOTE: The Post Date (shown on the schedule) determines when the system will permit members to sign up for an event. All Timbers’ MISGA events scheduled for April can be signed up for beginning March 1st. Events on or after May 1st will be posted for signup beginning approximately 30 days before the event is held. Please note that all of the week’s events will be posted for [sign-up] about 1 month in advance so that all members have an equal chance of signing up.

 Additional event information is provided in the top half of the Mixer Information & Signup page. In the middle of the page you will see click here for signup instructions –click on it for instructions in completing the sign up form. In addition, it will be necessary for you to enter the access code for a signup or cancel to be effective. The addition of an access code was necessary because several of the clubs using the signup system experienced a large number of bogus entries which required a lot of time to remove. Please do not share the access code with anyone outside of our MISGA group.

Please remember to use the same name for all events you sign up for—For example, do not use James for one event and Jim for the next event. If you use different first names the system will treat each as a different person.

To sign up for an event go to the Sign Up Form ---The signup and gender (male) buttons should have a dot in them---if not, click on these small circles. Enter your name in the first and last name boxes. Then enter the access code. Click on the submit button and your name should then appear on the list of Who’s Signed Up.

If an event you wish to sign up for already has more names on the signup list than the player limit for the event, sign up anyway. If players lower on the list cancel, you will move up and often additional player slots are given to Timbers. However, the exact number of additional slots cannot be determined until other clubs (AWAY EVENTS) have sent in their player lists to the hosting club.

The signup system requires that events be signed up for or cancelled----- one at a time.

TEE OPTIONS:  Some of the MISGA events (including Timbers home events) allow players to elect to play from different tees. For example: Male Players may be given the option of playing from the forward tees. When this is an option the eligibility information concerning those option(s) are on the signup page. Follow the instructions and highlight the appropriate circle in the Tee Choices if you want to play from tees other than the standard MISGA tees. (Note: Women players always play from the forward tees). Timbers and other clubs that allow men to play from the forward tees do require advance notice so that the rosters sent to the hosting club identify players electing to play from tees other than the Standard MISGA tees. Therefore, it is important to highlight the appropriate tee choice on the signup form if you want to take advantage of other tee choices at Timbers or other clubs.

To cancel and remove your name from the Who’s Signed Up list – follow the same process as when you signed up but change the highlighted signup circle to the cancel circle--then click on submit--your name should be deleted for that event.

If a member wants to check and see what events they have signed up for ---go to the schedule page on our web site (2018 Schedule) and at the top of the page click on Show my List of Events. A drop-down box will appear-find and highlight your name, then click on the show events button. This will show all events you have signed up for saving you from having to go to each individual event to determine if you are signed up.

When viewing the schedule on the web site only the remaining events are displayed, however the complete season’s schedule can be viewed if the box is checked at the top of the page.

The Deadline date on the schedule (12:00 noon of the date shown---always a Thursday) is the last date that you may sign up or cancel for an event using the on-line system. After this time the system will not allow you to sign up for that event. At this point it would be necessary to contact the pro shop (phone # appears on the Mixer Information and signup page for that event) of the hosting club to request either a signup or to cancel participation in that event.

Events are identified on the Schedule as Home, Away or MISGA events. However, if an event is identified as a MISGA event the [signup] will not appear—hence, the signup system cannot be used for these types of events. These include State tournaments, Pro-Am events, golf outings (spring fling, etc.) and Division Qualifiers (2-man and ABCD). Our club representative will advise us as to how to sign up for these types of events if you are interested.

Any questions or problems concerning our signup system should be directed to David Ebersole at (410) 636-0135 or email at: bkkagj@cablespeed.com