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As a Timbers at Troy MISGA Associate, you must maintain a current handicap with the Maryland State Golf Association (MSGA) to play in any of the Timbers at Troy MISGA Mixers. You are responsible for recording all your scores throughout the season according to the rules of the USGA. Posting of scores is monitored by our handicap chairman and failure to post scores according to USGA guidelines may result in suspension of playing in MISGA events until all scores are properly posted.

The Timbers at Troy Handicaps are maintained on GolfNet, so you can post your scores online or at the course. You can have your handicap at another club, but you must request that Timbers be added as a secondary home club.

Posting Scores

Your scores should be posted as soon as possible after completing your round.  Make sure that you DO NOT post your MISGA mixer round as a Tournament.  A MSGA and MISGA ruling states that the only rounds that should be posted are the actual tournaments like the Division/State 2-man best ball and ABCD Past President’s Tournament.

 Click Here to read what the United States Golf Association says about whether To Post or Not To Post?

Maximum Number of Strokes per Hole (Net Double Bogey Replaces ESC)

The new World Handicap System now states that the maximum hole score for handicap purposes is a Net Double Bogey (Par + 2 plus any handicap strokes you receive).

Posting Season in Maryland is March 15th - November 14th

Scores from rounds played in Maryland beginning on March 15 up to and including November 14, must be entered in your handicap system.  If you play any rounds in warm areas, the scores must be entered in the system even if they have been played prior to March 15th. Pennsylvania's active season is for posting is April 1 through October 31.  West Virginia's active season is March 1 through October 31.  Virginia does not have an inactive season.